Product Name:
Anti-slip Film Faced plywood
>=380 Pieces $3.70
1220*2500mm 3100*1530mm or custom
Polar,Pine or custom
Qing Dao
phenolic or melamine gluing
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
>500 Pieces

Detailed introduction


Product18mm Hardwood core anti slip film faced plywood from chanta
Size18mm*1220*2440 18mm*1250*2500
GlueWBP HIGH Grade Melamine
FilmDynea Brown
Moisture Content8%-10%
Cycle LifeAbout 10-15 repeated using times according to formwork application projects.

.Anti Slip film faced plywood is manufactured with slip resistant texture on one side and a phenolic resin coated film on the other side for moisture protection in wet conditions. The edges of plywood are sealed with waterproof paint to prevent water penetration. The wire mesh surface has high wear resistance and anti-slip properties. The rough-surfaced anti slip plywood is an heavy-duty, multipurpose panel flooring sheet for applications requiring a reliable, long-lasting anti-slip surface.Anti-slip film faced plywood is one of our factory supplies products.We also can supplyLordplex Film Faced Plywood,etc.

Material: poplar, birch
Surface: brown film, black film, non-slip on one side, anti-skid on both sides
Anti-slip pattern: diamond, hexagon, grid
Glue: Melamine waterproof glue, WBP phenolic waterproof glue
Advantages: At present, the company has a rare domestic super large heat press and super large sanding machine, which can be used to make super large construction templates. It can be cut into any size according to customer requirements.
Product characteristics: The surface of the product is flat and smooth, and the number of cycles is high.

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