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Which plywood blockboard is suitable for a wardrobe?

1. Plywood and blockboard are similar in terms of manufacturing method and material selection. Both multi-layer board and blockboard are composed of several layers of boards, but the difference is the ratio of core board and multi-layer board of blockboard. It doesn't have to be three layers, and multilayer boards have different thicknesses for each layer. The multi-layer board has good structural strength, good stability, is not suitable for deformation, and has strong environmental protection. It is mainly used in the manufacture of wood products such as the bottom plate of decorative panels and the back plate of panel furniture.

2. The multi-layer solid wood board also has the characteristics of not easy deformation and good performance of adjusting indoor temperature and humidity. After melamine veneer, the surface of the board has the texture and touch of natural real wood. The strength of the multi-layer board is mainly related to The base layer of the board is related. Each additional layer will increase its strength accordingly, and of course its cost will also increase accordingly.

3. The moisture-proof effect of blockboard is good, but the density difference is large. Blockboard will be twisted, deformed and so on after long-term use, which will affect the effect of our decoration.

4. Urea-formaldehyde glue is widely used in the processing of blockboard, so its formaldehyde emission is much higher than that of ordinary building materials, which is a very unenvironmental building material, and even some blockboards have a pungent smell, because Its formaldehyde is seriously exceeding the standard, so long-term use is very detrimental to the human body.